Just to show nothing changes, here is a great quote


“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.”

Harry Emerson Fosdick - 1878-1969, Pastor.


Watch this – I bet Mr Fosdick couldn’t have predicted this - 

A revised version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. This is amazing when you take all the circumstances into account. 

Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business


One ugly cold and rainy day, I woke up, looked out the window, and just wanted to roll over in bed and go back to sleep.

On the business front, I’ve had the same type of days and maybe you have too.

Nothing is going right, I’m getting rejected, and I’m paying for the abuse. It got so hard sometimes that I wanted to just give up, run and hide, and just forget about it all because you can’t Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business.

I want to share something with you that helps me get through even the roughest of weather, to Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business is what we all want isn’t it?.

There are those times in your business that no matter how hard you press forward it seems like life pushes you two steps back. You just can’t get a break, and no matter how hard you “dream build” nothing works.

And there’s that point where you hit the glass ceiling. Meaning, you’re pulling people into your business, but no matter how hard you try your overall team size just doesn’t grow. It’s like your income gets capped at a certain level and there’s nothing you can do to get past it.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while and you’ve achieved some success you know what I’m talking about. If you’re new, there will be a period of time in your business that could stretch for months where the recruits are coming in but the income isn’t growing.

It’s one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced, but I was able to break past that point. Here’s how to Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business today. . .

The most important breakthrough I had was:

I was thinking about my business the wrong way.

I would repeat “I want a team of 5,000 people by the end of the year” and I put all I had into doing it.

The problem with this way of thinking about your business is that it’s NOT an immediately tangible goal to set. It’s one of the reasons why whenever I hear a new recruit tell me that they’re going to earn $5,000 per month their first month the moment they step into the business, I make them explain to me how.

If you’re new how can you know that you can achieve this and Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business?

The answer I normally get is, “Well I’m just gonna do it.”

Good, but not good enough. You need to know exactly HOW you’re going to get there. So the place you have to begin is with realistic expectations. If you’re new you can’t set realistic expectations without help.

Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business

This is where having an experienced leader in the team helps. You have to break the process down to basics and Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business. You have to know the numbers and be realistic about them.

Don’t start with the income when you set expectations. You start with getting a single lead. Once you know what it takes to get a lead, you can move on to experiencing what it takes to get a recruit.

Once you know what it takes to get a recruit you can then start to talk about income. But before you know the effort to be exerted to get this far, there is no way you can talk about money.

It’s like me saying “I’m going to make $2 million in the coffee industry this year” without knowing a thing about coffee. I can say what I want, but unless I know the mechanics behind how that income goal is achieved I’m just playing in the world of fantasy.

Fantasies and dreams are great, but the magic happens when we can take those dreams and attach a REAL experienced based process to get there, so experience is necessary to Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business.

So, I’ve said a lot so far . . .

I want to bring this all back to how I’ve used this principle to Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business and how you can too.

You start small.

I knew that at that point I was generating about 10 new sign ups a day, so instead of jumping to a team of 5,000+ I took my expectations back to reality and dealt with what I knew.

I knew I could get 10 recruits a day and there were opportunities I wasn’t exploiting fully, so, if I put as much of what I was doing at that point on autopilot and put my focus into the unexploited opportunities I could realistically increase my recruits per day to 12 by the end of the month.

I did.

Then came the point where I took it to 14 and beyond, and now I have a team of 7100+ plus. At this point I just quit counting it all, but I got there by looking at where I was and used that to set realistic new DAILY goals, and held myself accountable to them.

If you break things down to daily goals it becomes tangible and doable, and that’s where you want to play.

These days I still do this, but more on an income basis. Instead of saying I want to make $1.4 million dollars this year, I think about this question?

What can I do to increase my income by $300 a day this month and finally Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business?

12 months of that and that’s an income increase of $3600 per day. And for me, at this point, thinking about $300 per day increases is a lot easier, trackable, and doable on a daily basis.

You want to set realistic baby step increases in your business daily goals, track them, course correct, and then take the next step.

That’s the best I’ve found to consistently increase productivity in a controlled fashion, and if you follow along you’ll find the same will work for you.

Dream big, but brings those dreams back down to daily goals.

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Break Through The Invisible Wall In Your Business

I saw Sex and the city...


Sex and the city


A Fiendish Trap

It wasn’t my fault . . .

What was I supposed to do?

Remember when any girlie movie has been in the theater? Like Sex And The City for example?  You could interchange that movie for any current girlie movie. But that one sticks out to me because it’s with that movie that I got duped!

You see back then my girlfriend says “Hey, it’s Sunday, let’s go see a movie!” and I’m like, “Ok!”  Thinking to myself,  “I sure wouldn’t mind seeing the Indiana Jones flick.”

How big of a dummy could I possibly be.

I walked straight into this fiendish trap like I was blind folded, I knew better than this (maybe I didn’t).

We get to the movies and she’s like . . .

“I think I wanna see Sex And The City” but graciously follows that with “But honey, that’s a chick flick, you don’t have to go watch it with me.”

(“Don’t have to” . . . Yeah right!)

I almost fell for it.

Had I taken the easy out, I’d be getting the evil eye right now. Instead, I decided to man up and go watch the chick flick, which was MORE than tough. It just went on and on and on and on.

But there was a lesson learned by me throughout this most horrible of tortures you could possibly put a man through.

And it’s this . . .

In some way, all the main characters had “lost a love” at some point in the plot and, of course, it all had to do with us horrible men (go figure).

Even I could see it coming by the end . . .


Sex and the city

In the end, all was made right, the love they had lost was lost hard for a time, but because it was a TRUE love through the test of time it was miraculously regained…

I remember hating my business for a time.

Despising it for putting me through such great pain.

But, I guess for me, like the women of “Sex And The City“, t’was a true passion I had for creating wealth and striking out on my own.

And, just as “poetically” as it happened with the ladies in this most horrible of flicks for a man to ever see, as time passed, passion rekindled, success happened.

This ain’t about me though . . .

If you know deep down this home business thing is what you’re really all about. Even if right now you’re in that phase where you’re not so in love with it, take it from the ladies and me – in the end your true passion always prevails.

If you lost that loving feeling because you despised getting hung up on and yelled at by people who don’t know any better, there’s no need to let that hold you back.

You know as well as I, that pestering people just isn’t necessary these days.

And maybe . . .

You’ve even got that little bug in your ear telling you “You know, it’s time to get this internet thing handled”, well . . .

Simply make today that day.


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Sex and the city



A member of my group once asked me an excellent question.

“I’m not an expert so how do I get people to like me? I mean, I can’t talk about recruiting thousands or making a ton of dough so what should I do to create attraction?”

I thought it to be a very good question. I’m going to absolutely ruin the “magic” of this instant attraction trick that you can use today, tomorrow, and everyday forever.

Even though I’m going to spill the beans, no one will ever realize what you’re “really” doing, but everyone will almost “magically” consider you an authority no matter how green you truly may be.

Pay close attention, use this, but tell no one. Here’s the deal . . .

There are several ways to position yourself as an authority, and there is none more slick than this.

Use current events. Be a conveyor of news worthy information, and if you do it the way I’m about to tell you then people will love you and not know why.

Step #1. Set up a “Google Alert” for every home business company you know and or can find. Do the same for generic terms like “network marketing” and “home business”.

What will happen once you set this up is every day Google will send you what’s new related to the topic you tell it to.

Scan this information for particularly news worthy information. Choose your top 5 topics each day, then finally make a decision and choose the one you like best.

That will be the topic of your content.

Step #2: Do some historical research on the topic.

If a network marketing company is going out of business or is changing in a certain way then search for trends and correlations from the past.

An example that I’ve used recently is a company called iLearningGlobal dropped it’s network marketing compensation structure.

The historical significance is that this company was a personal development company. These companies historically grow in prominence fast, but inevitably they all end up going under (at least so far).

Step #3: Form your own opinion and share it.

From our example above, what you do is simply say something like . . .

“This happened. It’s no surprise based on the historical record, that’s why you’ve always got to do your homework before you join a company. Further, if you really want to create long term stability in your business you should create as much leverage around yourself as humanly possible.”

See how easy that was?

So here’s what happens when you do this and share this information in this format.

First off, people love news and gossip, so they’ll read it out of curiosity.

Then when you add the historical perspective piece, they’ll say, “Wow the author sure is smart. I didn’t even know that.”

Next, they’ll be intrigued to read more because you’ve now proven your value, and when you share your advice based on the current event and historical perspective they’ll naturally perceive it to be from an expert source.

Finally, for this, you’ll gain credibility and influence.

You do this with enough repetition, and it will be as if you were always the expert to them.

Here’s the formula one last time:

Current Event + Historical Perspective + Your Opinion = Influence.

That’s how to almost “magically” win friends and influence people. So remember, this is our little secret, use this, but as any good magician knows, never tell your secrets.

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